Operation follows system acceptance

SBB Cargo AG has received type approval for the automatic brake test from the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (BAV). The system meets all official requirements and is now being tested in operation. It enables SBB Cargo to enter the next chapter in the history of digitalization.

We at PECS-WORK were also able to support the intensive development, operational introduction and approval process in a long-standing partnership.

A big thank you to SBB Cargo, PJM and the experts involved for their reliable and constructive cooperation!

In the context of digitalization for safety-relevant operational processes, this was a great opportunity for us to contribute our know-how in the creation of the safety and cyber security case for the overall system at vehicle and IT/OT level. As part of the technical project management, we were able to gain valuable experience and make a successful contribution. We are proud of the result we achieved together.

We are now looking forward to continuing to be part of the team in order to support the change processes in the operation, maintenance and performance monitoring phase with our expertise and cooperation in this exciting domain of rail engineering and rail digitalization.