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3. April 2024

Operation follows system acceptance

SBB Cargo AG has received type approval for the automatic brake test from the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (FOT). The system meets all regulatory requirements and is now being tested in operation - we are now looking forward to continuing to be part of the team to support the change processes in the operation, maintenance and performance monitoring phase with expertise and cooperation in this exciting domain of rail engineering and rail digitization.
18. January 2024

NEW PROJECT:Safety argumentation using explainable AI for automated driving in rail operations

Can an autonomous train recognize with sufficient certainty whether a deviation in the camera image is caused by a shadow or perhaps by a child playing on the tracks? And how can a person be sure during the safety assessment that the system is not falsely overconfident? How can he ensure that his safety assessment is sufficiently reliable - especially when the technology makes it impossible in principle to provide the relevant evidence?